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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 360

My family spoiled me this Christmas! Curtis got me the Epiphanie Belle camera bag that I've been wanting since June. It's huge! It fits my camera and lens, extra lens, speedlite, cords, wallet, calendar, and other essentials and I haven't even touched the outside zipper pockets. Wow! Thank you, honey!!! I have been wishing for this bag for so long that I actually had my camera strap custom-made months ago to match it from PhatStraps. :)

Jenny got me the BaLens white balance lens cap. It makes setting custom white balance a breeze! Thank you, Jenny!

And my mom got me Lightroom 3!!! She lucked out and got the Amazon Gold Box deal of the hour on Black Friday and got it for a steal! I have soooo much to learn, but luckily I've been studying and practicing editing RAW files in Adobe Camera Raw so hopefully the transition won't be too rough. Thank you, mom!

I feel so blessed, I really do! I can't believe this 365 project has led to me becoming so interested in photography. I'm so happy!


Thanks for looking!

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