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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 270

We met the behavioral therapist today and we loved her. She is confident that she can help Anna and Dominic behave better in school and get along with each other better at home. I'm really glad... 'cause I need a lifeline. Anna and Dominic actually had decent days at school today, only one incident apiece. But Pickle had a hard time with homework; it took us 50 minutes to complete about 20 minutes worth of work. The BT (behavioral therapist) thinks a trial of ADHD meds for Dominic might be worth looking at. Anna and Daddy went out to run errands and she did so well until the very end. She was sent to her room when she got home.

So there wasn't much opportunity to take a photo today. Anna volunteered for one after her bath. I didn't have good light. At all. So I decided to embrace the noise and upped my ISO to 1600 and shot wide open at f/1.8. I even decided to leave the noise after converting to black and white because I liked the gritty feel to this image. Look at that, direct eye contact! And her eyes are even in focus. Love.


Thanks for looking!

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